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Meat Processing Division

SHF-440 High Servo frozen meat slicer Frozen meat Super-speed slicer (high servo)

Cut thickness 0.5mm is available only with SAMYANG KOREA.

Speed is double higher than any other Korean machines.

Input, cut, and discharge Automatically consider worker safety first.

Anyone can easily drive regardless of the proficiency of the operator.

Automatic cutting thickness setting is suitable for uniform production and mass production is possible.

Cleaning and decomposition have become simple and easy.

The operation method is a touch screen method that is easy to operate and handle.

Samgyeopsal, plane samgyeopsal, bulgogi, shabu shabu, seasoned meat, beef brisket, compressed-formed meat, sirloin, steak, cheese, sweet potato, duck, etc., so users have a lot of choices.

  • Model SHF-440
    Dimension 2475(L)mm x 1160(W)mm x 1550(H)mm
    Power capacity 3ø 220/380V,7HP(5.3KW), 50/60Hz.
    Cutting range 440(W)mm x 650(L)mm x 220(H)mm
    Air pressure 6 bar
    Cutting thickness 0.5 mm  ~ 30 mm
    Cutting speed 150 ~ 320 cycle / min
    Optimum Temperature Max. -9℃ ~ -2℃
    Product weight 720 kg