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SD-300 Frozen meat dicer

The attachment of the safety sensor makes it easy to clean the water safely to realize complete waterproofing.

As the conveyor and knife frame cover can be easily separated, it is easy to manage afterwards.

The machine is designed for quiet operation, providing a pleasant environment for workers.

You can freely adjust the transfer speed of the rotary knife and cutting knife.

Anyone can easily drive regardless of the proficiency of the operator.

Users can choose a lot because they can make beef soup, sweet and sour pork, black bean sauce meat, etc.

The blade spacing is custom-made.

  • Model SD-300
    Dimension 1055(W) x 500(L) x 640(H)mm
    Power Supply 1ø 110~220V, 3ø 220V/380V,1.5Kw(2Hp), 50/60Hz.
    (Adjustable upon request, recommend 2ph electricity)
    Optimum Temperature -4℃ ~ -2℃(Core temp. basis) Frozen & Chilled meat
    Cutting Length 2 ~ 70mm
    Cutting Width 4mm ~80mm
    Capacity Max. 2000kgs /hr
    Weight 130Kg