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Meat Processing Division

SMF-100~400 Automatic food mixing machine

Vibration and noise are low, and anyone can easily operate regardless of the proficiency of the operator.

Automatic mixing saves unnecessary effort and time, and can be done quickly and continuously with a large amount of mixing.

The space between the tank and the impeller is minimized to allow for corrugated mixing.

A show bar is attached to the outlet area to prevent accidents in advance.

It is easy to transport by attaching a transfer wheel and is made of stainless steel, so it has excellent durability.

  • Model SMF-100 SMF-200 SMF-400
    Dimension 540(W)x910(L)x955(H) 733(W)x1070(L)x1098(H) 733(W)x1500(L)x1250(H)
    Power Supply 3ø 220/380V,0.4Kw, 50/60Hz. 3ø 220/380V,0.75Kw, 50/60Hz 3ø 220/380V,1.5Kw, 50/60Hz
    Capacity 110 (ℓ) 220 (ℓ) 400 (ℓ)
    Weight 160Kg 210Kg 350Kg